Hi, lets start I suppose?!

I recently graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a First Class degree in zoology, and frankly I’ve missed university life ever since. I miss being the learning side of uni, researching, going to lectures, having in-depth discussions with both academics and my piers and I and finding that I’m getting increasingly bored without the challenges of university.

I have been thinking about setting up a science blog for a while just so I have an excuse to read more and think a little more. I thought I’d set up this blog after seeing that one of my lecturers had set up a science blog which I recommend that you visit (here is the link!https://phasmarhabditis.wordpress.com/tag/phasmarhabditis/). I can’t promise that I will be as informative or interesting as Dr Rae, but I thought I would give it a crack.

Anyhow, I may as well tell you what I will be likely to talk about.. as you may have guessed from the blogs name, I will mainly talk about zoological concepts and as I have a particular interest in sharks and parasites. However, I will probably end up just waffling on about any scientific concepts I find interesting.


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