From Liverpool to Cork

From LJMU to UCC

Okay, I have been really quiet over the last few months, a lot has changed…

First, I must say, I no longer live in the United Kingdom, I’m now over the water and down a bit from my former stomping grounds. I have relocated to Cork in Ireland, and I must say it’s a lovely city. I moved down here as the lovely people at the University Collage Cork offered me a fully funded PhD. I will get on to what the PhD focuses on a little later, I promise there will be some science posts on here eventually, I don’t plan to ramble too much today. I have moved into a lovely house on a hill and am living with 3 Geology PhD students who are all very kind.

I have fallen in love with Ireland, it is such a friendly and unique place, additionally, I am pleasantly surprised on how close to home it is, not just geographically. Cork shares many characteristics with Liverpool, its a friendly and funny city full of great food, interesting people and places. The flights to and fro are not only short, around 35-60 minutes, but also very cheap. Which means I wont have to be away from my friends and family back in Liverpool for too long. My family and girlfriend have been a great help over the last few weeks and I can not praise them enough for all the help, love and support they have given to make the move a smooth and comfortable transition.




2 thoughts on “From Liverpool to Cork

    1. Cheers Robbie, good to hear everything is going well over at LJMU, I’m getting told all about the latest installments of genes and genomes as my girlfriend’s cousin is currently a second year biology student and you’ll be happy to know she enjoys the module!


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