New Project

It’s been a while since I posted on here, I was planning on deleting this page but I thought I may as well keep it to help me understand what it is I am doing, also it writing on here helps me focus on the task at hand. It helps keep me motivated and also lets me look back at work I have done and what I thought of it at the time.

However sometimes I just need to rant, or vent my frustrations at stupid things that shouldn’t annoy me, but alas they do… very much so. Scientific communication is so important to scientists, usually we want to engage a wide audience. There is little point in discovering something amazing, or getting really interesting and novel results if no one can understand what it is that you have found.. and most scientists try their hardest to break down there discoveries. However, a lot of the time it is apparent that it can be misconstrued or in many cases information can be cherry picked out of a paper to make a good headline. By doing this, a lot of media folk actually miss the point of the paper, or create the discovery they want, what ever suits them or makes a headline that will sell…

Either way just thought I’d leave a link to my new blog which is going to be a composite of my rants when I see these type of headlines.



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